Unveiling the Norfolk Terrier: A Family Companion

For those on the hunt for a family canine companion, the Norfolk Terrier comes highly recommended. Owners of this delightful breed would likely agree that these dogs rank among the most charming and spirited companions. Although the Norfolk Terrier isn’t a predominant breed in the United States, and while they aren’t considered rare, the general public seems to lack substantial knowledge about them.

To shed light on this breed, here are ten lesser-known facts that showcase their unique appeal.

1. Robust Despite Their Size

Norfolk Terriers may be small, standing at 9 to 10 inches at the shoulder when fully grown, but they are far from being a toy breed. They possess a sturdy and robust build for their size, defying the typical frailty associated with lap dogs. These terriers require active engagement and enjoy playtime with their human families.

2. A Historical Nickname

Frank Jones, who bred the first line of Norfolk Terriers and was known as “roughrider” due to his reputation as an English Horseman, left an imprint on the breed. Initially, these dogs were commonly referred to as Jones Terriers. However, the official designation for the breed is Norfolk Terriers.

3. The Essence of a Terrier

Born with the quintessential terrier traits, Norfolk Terriers exhibit a fearless and spirited nature. Their hard and wiry coat complements their boundless energy and tenacity, making them the epitome of a “True Terrier.”

4. An Evolution from Norwich Terriers

The Norfolk Terrier’s roots trace back to the Norwich Terrier, developed by Jones and recognized by the Kennel Club of England in 1932. The American Kennel Club followed suit in 1936. A notable distinction within the Norwich breed led to the identification of the variety with erect ears as the Norwich Terrier and those with dropped ears as the Norfolk in 1964, with the American Kennel Club recognizing the distinction in 1979.

5. Bred for Purpose

The Norfolk Terrier was originally bred for rodent control, combining agility and courage to excel in this role. These dogs were also adept at bolting foxes during hunts, proving to be exemplary working dogs.

6. Versatility and Affection

Beyond their utility in hunting and farming, Norfolk Terriers possess endearing personalities that make them ideal family pets. They are known for their tolerance and affectionate nature, often preferring human companionship over that of other dogs.

7. Show Ring Stars

The Norfolk Terrier has captured the hearts of dog fanciers, performing admirably in show rings with their striking appearance and solid build.

8. Vigilant Protectors

While not prone to excessive barking, Norfolk Terriers are protective and alert their owners to any unfamiliar presence, ensuring their environment is secure.

9. Indoor Companions

Despite their proficiency in outdoor activities, Norfolk Terriers are not suited for living outdoors in cold weather. They thrive best indoors, surrounded by their families.

10. Reciprocal Love and Social Needs

These terriers have an inherent need for social interaction, craving not only human attention and affection but also eager to reciprocate it. When treated with love and respect, they return the favor with abundant affection.


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