Giant dog breeds are breeds that weigh more than 100 pounds.  These dogs take up space, but can also be huge cuddly fur mountains to cuddle on.  The thing to know about giant dog breeds is that they are giant puppies.  From birth they are big.

The bigger the dog the bigger everything that goes along with it is.  This means the toys, bowls, and beds will all be big.  It is something to keep in mind especially if you live in a tiny living space.  Some of these giant breeds do not thrive in a tiny home.  Some of them don’t realize how big and strong they are, which can cause them to knock into things and furniture without realizing they are doing so. 

The cost for giant breeds is more as well.  Food, medication, and vet care can all cost more than other smaller breeds of dogs.  


Exercise For Big Dogs

Giant breeds are prone to joint injury while they are puppies, so it is important to be careful with exercising them too vigorously while young.  The best exercise for giant breeds is walking.  Most giant breeds are working dogs.  Keeping them active and working their mind is important.  Knowing what job they have can help you develop what exercises can help keep their minds sharpened.  For dogs that like to pull something, you can attach a cart to them to pull, dogs that are bred to carry supplies, you can get tiny backpacks for when you go on walks. 

Jobs for giant breeds can be guarding, protecting, carrying, pulling, or swimming. 


Training A Big Dog

Training your giant breed dog is important.  Things such as jumping up on a person or pulling can cause a human to get injured if your dog isn’t trained.  Training when they are small and you can still handle them is important.  Giant breeds can weigh more than humans so making sure they are trained while tiny can make all the difference when they are big. 


Giant Breeds

Great Dane

One of the most known giant breeds of dogs is the Great Dane.  Great Danes live around 7-10 years.  They are considered senior dogs at the age of 6.  They can weigh 110-175 pounds.  They are also one of the tallest breeds of dogs.  Great Danes are relaxed, gentle, playful, friendly, good with children, and rarely bark. 

Great Danes are prone to an over or under active thyroid.  This can lead to them needing regular thyroid checks.  Great Danes are also prone to tumors and hip dysplasia due to their size.  


Another well known giant breed is the Mastiff.  They live about 6-10 years and weigh 120-230 pounds.  This breed needs ample living space because they don’t always know how big and muscular they are.  They can easily knock over items and furniture in a house.  Make sure you have something readily available to wipe up the drool.  These dogs have lots of drool.  They tend to be loyal and are naturally wary of strangers which makes them a good guard dog. 

Saint Bernards

Saint Bernards are gentle, family and children loving dogs.  They are normally used as search and rescue dogs when they have jobs.  They carry food and water in packs on their backs for mountain rescues.  They live about 8-10 years and weigh 120-180 pounds.  These puppies grow quickly.  They are another giant breed that doesn’t know how big they are.  They need lots of space.  


Newfoundlands are dogs that are used to help fishermen, as well as help in water rescues.  Newfoundlands can be seen pulling fishing nets out of the water.  They are swimmers with webbed feet and waterproof coats.  They are gentle giants.  Many people consider them a child’s “nanny” because they are so fond and patient with children.  They live 9-10 years and weigh 100-150 pounds.  


Another water loving giant breed is the Leonberger.  They also have a waterproof coat that needs brushed daily to keep well groomed.  Leonbergers live about 7 years and weigh 90-170 pounds.  Along with daily brushings, they also need their nails clipped regularly to help with proper grooming. 

They were originally bred for European Royalty companions, but later found out to be great all around working farm dogs.  They also are helpful for cart pulling and are extremely loyal and protective of their territory.  They are kind, gentle, and bond with their family.  Leonbergers are also good therapy dogs because they have a tendency to read emotions of humans well.  

Antolian Shepherds

Anatolian Shepherds are dogs that live about 11-13 years.  They weigh 80-150 pounds.  These dogs are protectors of their livestock, family, and even other pets.  This breed of dog gets along with cats.  They can be very dominating and demanding so it is important to train them when they are small and young.  They are also very territorial which makes them great livestock protectors.  

Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds are the fastest growing puppies. Irish Wolfhound puppies grow a pound a day until they are 6 months old.  They are big game hunters.  Hunting and chasing is in their DNA, which means they need exercise daily to keep them from getting into trouble.  Irish Wolfhounds live from 6-8 years.  They weigh 105-120 pounds.  They are the tallest breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club.  These dogs do not thrive in small homes, they need lots of room. 



Big dogs are not for everyone.  It is good to be well informed about big dogs before adding them to your family.  Most giant dog breeds are gentle, family loving, and tend to be very gentle with children.  It is important to remember the bigger the dog the bigger everything else tends to be.  Space, bed, food, and cost are all things to consider before getting a giant breed of dog.  


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